Vacationing At Home!

Lots of people are staying home from expensive travel vacations this year due to the high cost of gasoline and the trickle down affect on the price of food and other vacation commodities. But the thought of a vacation at home makes some people groan with boredom.

Cheap and Fun Ideas for Taking a Home Based Vacation:

‘Plug-In’ With your very own Foreign Film Festival! Plan and cook an international meal and then sit down for an evening of international films (with English captions) rented from your local library.

‘Un-Plug’ By putting all the hand-held electronics in a box with a tight fitting lid for a week. Pre-notify important people that you are taking an electronics vacation, and turn off your cell phone, and put away all those games. Pick out a book that will interest your whole family and take turns reading it aloud, while enjoying the ‘sound of silence’ in your life.

‘Summer Olympics’ – Family Style! Plan a week-long event consisting of several activities or sports that family members enjoy, enlisting the help and presence of friends and neighbors. Plan one or two ‘events’ per day, giving each family member the chance to lead his/her own favorite sport or activity. Plan outdoor events for the morning to avoid the afternoon heat of the day and use that time for indoor events, such as Scrabble or Monopoly marathons.

‘Get Festive!‘ Check out local festivals for something happening in your neck of the woods and plan a week around the event. Make eating at a restaurant or two with freight cuisine part of your plan and don’t forget to visit a local museum or art gallery.

‘Unwind’ by using part of your travel budget on a stay-at-home-get-away instead. Make reservations for everyone in the family above the age of 12 at a local spa, making sure that each person gets pampered in the way he/she likes best: facial, massage, pedicure, body wrap, etc.

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