Back to School – Tips to Make it Fit, Fun and Fantastic

While some school districts and colleges have already started up for fall, some families are still awaiting the upcoming first day of school. This brings excitement to some and to others, a fear of change, a fear of the unknown and some nerves.

While change always elicits some kind of emotional response from us, we use deet free bug repellant from TNT Nutrition Centerhave a lot of control over the type and amount of energy we spend on something. Are we re-acting, or acting? Are we choosing our responses, or feeling like a victim?

What we model is usually what our children will mimic. If they see parents being all too excited to see them off to school, it could rouse a feeling of rejection in them. If they see the parent getting anxious about the upcoming changes – separation fears, scheduling challenges, financial strains – we can fully expect that our offspring will also experience or show those same negative feelings and/or add some of their own to the mix.

Take time to measure your responses and make sure you are modeling positive feelings about the changes that this season brings. Take time to discuss feelings with your family as a whole and with each child. The more proactive you can be, the easier the transition will be.

Then sit back and let time work out the rest. Some kids re-enter school and find their new teacher, new school room, and new classmates to be fun and exciting. Some kids take more time to get used to things. Encourage slow changers to give things time to feel right.

In the meantime, make sure your whole family doesn’t forego the basics:
• Get enough sleep each night
• Exercise as a family at least three times a week
• Eat a healthy breakfast and dinner together as a family each day
• Develop and model good work habits
• Develop and model organization
• Have a sense of humor – take time to laugh as a family each day

Approximately 13% of all kids suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. Helping them talk about their feelings and addressing their valid concerns is something every parent will want to make a priority.

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