Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

Believe it or not, there is something worse than horrible holiday house guests, and that is the unwelcome guest of holiday stress. If you are like many of us, you are trying to make your holiday look like a movie on the Hallmark Channel. The demands of everyday life coupled with all the added tips for dealing with holiday stressactivities and work surrounding the holidays can create anything but world peace and lasting joy!

With our practical tips to maintain your balance and your health, you may end up enjoying the holidays after all.

  1. Be Realistic. The only thing that stays the same is “death and taxes”, so they say. So start with a mindset to be flexible and able to grow and change. Don’t set up a standard for your holidays that has to be followed every year. Realize that families change and grow and finances wax and wane, so traditions and standards often have to change as well. Accept reality and do what makes sense each year without feeling like you have to either out-do yourself, or stick to previous decisions.
  2. No Budget Busters. This has never been more important that this year, with all its economic uncertainties. Happiness was never bought, so realize that true gifts come from the heart and try to find ways to give of your time rather than from your pocket book. If material gifts are still on your agenda, set a spending limit for each person and be sure to stick to your decision once the time comes to plunk down your cash. Do not use credit cards to finance your way through the holidays. Your stress levels will match your debt level.
  3. Just say NO. Don’t let piles of resentment build up over all the things you said you would do, that you cannot do without hurting your health or emotions. People may be used to your saying YES to everything, but there is no time like the present to teach them a new thing…be brave and say NO and protect the one thing you cannot buy this year: your health and happiness.
  4. Keep Up Healthy Habits. Don’t let the holidays become a one-way ticket on the Sugarland Express. A little indulgence is fine, but guilt and depression will soon become longterm guests if you over-indulge.  Try eating a healthy snack before parties to cut down on temptation. Get plenty of sleep and schedule time for physical activity. Don’t forget to take your multivitamin every day to fortify your nutrition.

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