How to Make Acheivable New Years Resolutions

We always make them…and we make them too hard to do. The best way to change is to create an overall plan for the year and then divide the list into 12 sections, starting in the first month on the first thing on the list and when that has changed, go on to the next thing on the list, until by the end of the year, 12 things are updated in our life. They say it takes three weeks to change a habit…our list gives you four! That will ensure you are ready for the next thing on the list as its month rolls around.

When it comes to health, many factors affect us. Stress, anger, bitterness, lack of sleep, not pacing ourselves, lack of proper nutrition, lacking in meaningful relationships, and giving to little or too much of ourselves can all create imbalance in our lives, which leaves the door wide open for disease to overcome our otherwise smart immune systems. Let us help our immune systems out in this year by developing some balance in our lives that will lead to joyful hearts, strong bodies and powerful disease fighting abilities.

Month by Month Action Plan for the New Year

January – Feed Yourself! With all the ads for weight loss this time of year, the idea that you need to feed yourself might come as a surprise to many of you. Besides our culture that encourages over-indulgence, there are other reasons that many people over-eat. Their bodies are so starved for good solid nutrition because of filling it with drive-through junk, that they eat and eat trying to get the same feeling that power-packed nutrition could have given them in a smaller number of calories. Supplementing your less than perfect food intake with a daily multi-vitamin can be one fast and smart way to make a change in January!

February – Get a Tan! Not the harmful kind, of course, but the kind that can give you that little extra boost of confidence for all those pale days of winter. Sunless tanning cream and sunless tanning oils are a fun way to brighten your outlook on life!

March –Fresh Air! We usually wait until warmer weather to get out and refresh ourselves, but an early spring walk can do more for a lagging immune system than all the Tea in China. De-stress and fill your lungs with some cool fresh air before we start using the hot weather as an excuse to stay indoors. Vitamin C can help give you a pre-spring boost this time of year, so take some extra this month!

April – Stretch! Did you know that some good stretches in bed before you get out of the warmth of your cocoon each day can lead to less painful joints, fewer injuries and more release of pain fighting endorphins? Download a list of easy stretches for all your joints and your spine and start doing them every day. Joint pain can also be relieved with Omega-3 Glucosamine!

May – Drink More! Not alcoholic beverages, not carbonated beverages, of course! Drink more spring water and add some acidophilus too. This adds back into our gut the good bacteria that we often need to replenish due to harsh eating habits and overuse of antibiotics!

June – Clean Out! Find a drawer, a closet or a cupboard you haven’t really looked into for about five years and dump everything out and see what you can get rid of. The rule is: If you haven’t used the item in 6 months or more – GET RID OF IT! Then organize the keepers and enjoy your fresh start. While you are at it, clean out the closet of your body, by doing a cleanse with a colon cleanser!

July – Sunshine! We keep being told to stay out of the sun, but it is a much needed ingredient in our overall health and wellbeing. All it takes is a chemical free sunblock and some common sense to enjoy its life giving warmth and energy!

August – Learn Something New! School isn’t just for kids. Everyone should take time to learn something new and pass it on to the next generation. Volunteer at a tutoring center, teach someone to read, read a book at the library, take a class. Trouble paying attention? Studies suggest that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be linked to omega-3 oil deficiency. Get your Omega’s everyday!

September – More Sleep! American by large work more hours than any other nation on earth and sleep fewer hours! Sleep is a critical component to health…get more with this herbal sleep remedy!

October – Take a Mini-Vacation! Getting a change of scene and getting away from electronics can help reduce stress. This time of year is usually a nice cooler time of year to travel and in some areas to see the beautiful fall colors. Gather up your family, pack your bags and get out of town for a time of rejuvenation. Don’t forget to take your supplements with you!

November – Gratitude! Need a little shift in your outlook on life? Things got you down? Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a women’s crisis center and your attitude will improve immediately! Taking St. John’s Wort can help your attitude also!

December –Slow Down! Look at your ongoing activity list and things you have chosen to commit to and loose one per month over the next year until you are down to a dull roar! Learn to say, “NO!” The world will NOT come to an end if you choose to say NO to so many extra curricular activities that sap your energy and time away from meaningful relationships. Make your spouse and your children or grandchildren the most important commitment on the list this year! They need you and their world might come to an end if you don’t pay attention! Calcium is a great way to relax and unwind!

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