Spoil Your Valentine with Luxury

Got a Chocolate Lover in your Life?

You could give the standard “box of chocolates”…ignoring the fact that it can contain up to 10,000 calories, adding a whopping 3 pounds…to the hips!

For that Lean Lover Labrada Lean Body Chocolate Lovers Lowcarb Shake
Chocolate Lovers’ Variety Pack includes: Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mocha

A mouth watering, rich chocolate taste treat that fulfills all the desire without any of the calories: Rachel Perry Lip Lover Chocolate Bliss Lip Balm

How about a Sugar Rush?

Hot Chocolate Exfoliating Body Scrub From GiovanniHot Chocolate Exfoliating Body Scrub From Giovanni

  • Contains Cocoa, Essential Oils, Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Leaves Skin Velvety Soft
  • Ideal for Dry Skin
  • 9 oz for just under $11

One Chocolate Lover says: “This scrub is like lolling in warm chocolate icing! Not too oily or too rough & I love how it warms up when it touches your skin!”

How About a Little Fruit with Your Chocolate?

Follow up the exfoliating body scrub with Giovanni Raspberry Body Wash and come out feeling like dessert!

One Dessert Lover says: “This body wash paired with the exfoliating body scrub is like an evening with chocolate raspberry cheesecake! Left my skin soft and silky…no residue, just smooth and pampered!”

How about a Romantic Trip to the Tropics?

Rachel Perry Lip Lover Banana Coconut Lip Balm

Alba Botanica Coconut Milk Facial Wash is a soothing cleanser that effectively lifts away make-up and impurities while infusing skin with the richly hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic fatty acids derived from kukui, macadamia, and coconut. Rinses clean for a soft, smooth complexion.

One Tropics Lover says: “This face wash was especially wonderful on my dry skin which has been feeling a little damaged by winter weather. Left my skin soft and smooth!”

For those little Sweethearts – try Aura Cacia Foam Bath for Kids

The soothing and calming blends of essential oils are a perfect fit for the Little Sweety in your life. Contain no synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives. Paraben free!

Aura Cacia Foam Bath for Kids


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